little `zilla , big world .

my name is scout.
i live in tokyo & i see things.
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unintentional art (at 3331 Arts Chiyoda)

it’s all over now… (at ザ・プリンス さくらタワー東京)

cutest cream puff I ever did chomp

#japan #tokyo (at 表参道駅 (Omote-sando Sta.))

cute li’l kid walking away from the station after asking for directions. the stationmaster watched him to make sure he went the correct way. #adorbies (at 田町駅 (Tamachi Sta.))

sakura ikebana in my home station

spring fashion

it begins…

happy spring, japan!

somebody’s personal sakura 🌸

little `zilla , big world . turned 3 today!

made a modified version of @knoxgardner’s cardamom cake recipe, and served it with sakura ice cream. yummy!!

snow again, tokyo.

(for @lolikokoro) (at テンプル大学 日本校 麻布校舎 (Temple University Japan Azabu Hall))

My first solo show is a go! at Design Festa Gallery East & West – View on Path.

look at this awesome train! someone tell me where it goes, because my dream is to ride it in style!

the picture on the bottom is the green car, decked out with tatami, kotatsu, and a group of friendly ojisan, who waved at me to join them! (at 品川駅 (Shinagawa Sta.))

I spend an inordinate amount of time being freaked out by this advertisement… (at 三田駅 (Mita Sta.) (A08/I04))